reflexive verbs


“Reflexive verbs/ Czasownii zwrotne” is a concise and engaging ebook tailored to help learners of Polish as a foreign language at the A2/B1 level grasp the intricacies of reflexive verbs. This invaluable resource presents a comprehensive breakdown of reflexive verbs, categorizing them into three distinct groups: those always reflexive, those with optional reflexive usage, and those with metaphorical meanings. Within the ebook, you’ll find clear explanations, accompanied by relevant examples, to facilitate a solid understanding of reflexive verbs.

To reinforce your comprehension and proficiency, three interactive exercises have been thoughtfully prepared. These exercises allow you to test your knowledge and consolidate your grasp of reflexive verbs. Note: Basic knowledge of Polish grammar and verb conjugation is recommended to fully benefit from this ebook.

Recommended level: A2/B1



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