If you want to book an online lesson with me or one of my great tutors you can go to my new website www.learnpolish.pl where you can see our courses, and choose the best one for you.  You will also find an online placement test there if you don’t know your level. You can pay online and get immediate access to your student’s account where you can text your teacher and download course materials.

If you still unsure what to choose from learnpolish.pl book a free short online meeting to talk about the courses and assess your level

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Magdalena Trawińska-Krawiec

Your Polish tutor

“Group classes are a great option for all students who look for an efficient and economical way of learning a language. Conversation in small groups help my students break the ice, gain more confidence talking to different people and let them put all they’ve learnt into practice.” 


  • 8 lessons a month paid in advance
  • 3-month-course to see the best results 
  • 7-day-trail period (if you don’t like your lessons I will give you your money back)
  • for a class (60 minutes)
  • study materials for free
  • 10% discount for your future lessons if you recommend the course to your friends and 2 of them enroll.

Metodology : What do the lessons look like?

During our Polish online lessons we mostly focus on speaking and listening. We practice everyday phrases and vocabulary. We put ourselves in real situations like shopping, renting a flat, or talking to your Polish friends. I believe good preparation for a class is crucial. For that reason, you get study materials before each Polish lesson. I want you to study vocabulary and phrases which we later use in the class. It’s really important as we don’t need to devote our time to learning new words but we rather focus on using them in the context.

Study materials are for free and you can download the files before each lesson.


Technology : What equipment do I need?

It’s really simple. You just need a computer with the internet connection (the fastest streaming the better), a microphone, loudspeakers, and a camera.  You might consider using headphones to hear better and not to be distracted by the outer noise. A microphone that you use can go with your headphones or be built in your laptop. It really doesn’t matter as far as we can see and hear each other. Test your equipment before each lesson. We use Zoom platform but you don’t need to create any account. You will always get a link to our meeting which you just click on and it takes you to our class.

Each Polish lesson lasts 60 min. 

Group size: How many people are in the online class?

During the entire course groups are of 6 students max but they are usually smaller bacuse we open groups if we have 4 students enrolled to let them start as soon as possible. 

Level and content: What are the levels? What are the lessons about?

Each lesson has a main topic you can see on the list published every month (lesson planner for every month).

At the moment we offer lessons for A0, A1, A2 and B1 level but if some of you are interested in lessons on a higher level, please let me know. If there are more of you, I will open a new group.

I always check the level of my students before the course so they can feel comfortable in their groups That’s why you can do a free placement test on learnpolish.pl or book a free meeting with me in which I can tell you more about the course and find a right group for you (details above on the yellow background).

Each Polish class has a topic you can check in the lesson planner. 

Frequency: How often should I take the classes?

Our group classes are twice a week. From my 7-year-Polish-tutor experience, I can say that I  see the best effect when my students take classes twice a week. I don’t say it because I only want you to take more classes with me (of course I do want to teach you many classes), but most of all I share my personal observation as I care about you as a student. It is like going to a gym. When can you achieve better results – when you go to the gym once or twice a week (or even more)? I think the answer is obvious.

This course is for students with strong motivation who want to achieve fast and good results.


From My Clients

Our teacher is warm, friendly, engaging and dynamic. She creates learning experiences in a non-threatening environment. I feel free and safe to express anything. The atmosphere is the class is really nice.

Vicky from the Philippines

I don’t really know if this is feedback hahah but I really like the lessons, and the evironment. Also I’m impressed with the homework prepared. It’s great, it has everything: reading, writing exercices and even games 🙂 for me homework is very important as I consolidate the stuff done properly.

Judit from Spain

The teacher is great she explained everything on a professional way. The lessons were great they helped me improve my Polish language.

Dragan from Macedonia

The teacher is great. She is very patient and she gets everyone in the group involved during class. 1 hour is too short, it goes by so quickly. The handouts/slideshows are excellent; easy to follow and loads of contents. You also get some homework to do, which the teacher goes through at the beginning of the next class. I would highly recommend taking Polish classes with My Polish.

David from Ireland

Wonderful energetic and nice teacher and person. I really enjoy the lessons, they are well prepared and full of interesting topics, you get to practice everything; reading, writing, we get the chance to speak constantly and there are even interactive games!

Blanca from Spain