commonly used prepositions and their cases


Enhance your understanding and mastery of Polish prepositions and their corresponding cases with this invaluable mini e-book. Designed for learners of Polish as a foreign language at the A2+ and B1 levels, this resource is perfect for those who already have a good grasp of different case forms and wish to further refine their skills.

Inside this e-book, you will find comprehensive tables featuring commonly used prepositions paired with the appropriate Polish cases: dopełniacz (genitive), celownik (dative), biernik (accusative), narzędnik (instrumental), and miejscownik (locative). These tables provide clear examples and guidelines to help you understand the correct usage of prepositions in different contexts.

To test and reinforce your knowledge, the e-book includes two short interactive exercises. These exercises are designed to challenge your understanding of prepositions and their corresponding cases, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned in a practical and engaging way.

Whether you’re preparing for an exam, improving your language skills, or simply want to deepen your understanding of Polish grammar, this mini e-book is an essential tool. Expand your linguistic horizons and gain confidence in using prepositions accurately with this invaluable resource.

Please note that a solid understanding of case forms is recommended to make the most of this e-book. If you have a good grasp of different cases and want to take your skills to the next level, “Mastering Polish Prepositions and Cases” is the perfect companion on your language learning journey.

 Recommended level: A2+/B1/B2 (Please note that a solid understanding of case forms is recommended to make the most of this e-book).



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