a Polish language course for total beginners

„Set a course for Polish”


⇨ 24 chapters of interactive exercises – have fun&learn

⇨ get all the basic Polish in 3 months

⇨ live meetings with a teacher to revise vocab & grammar

⇨ BONUS: free alphabet and pronounciation course

Magda Trawińska


My Polish Crash Course is an innovative method of learning that combines work at your own pace with lessons with a professional teacher. It’s probably the first course of this type on the market. You can learn at your own pace and do the materials whenerver you want. The course will be divided into 24 self-study modules (plus a short  alphabet and pronounciation course for free). At the same time, you will be in constant contact with me – I will check some of your written statements, and in the Premium version we will have the opportunity to meet live and practice your pronunciation and repeat the vocabulary.


The course includes slides with audio recordings in which I can easily explain grammar (in English), read words and sentences in Polish so that you know how to pronounce them.

There are tons of interactive exercises for each topic – you will be able to write on the screen, combine elements, create sentences from a jumble, move colorful elements. All this is presented in an easy and fun way, because I strongly believe that the human brain learns best in a relaxed way through play.

In 3 months you will learn all the most important basics of the language

👉 you will be able to read Polish words and all those “strange” letters like: ś, ć, ń, ź, dz, sz, cz,

👉 You will learn the difference in formal and informal language – you will learn how to speak Polish to your friends, and how to speak to a lady in a shop or to strangers in the street

👉 You will learn to build your first sentences in Polish and, after 3 months, you will learn to build short sentences easily.

👉 You will be able to understand and use familiar everyday expressions.

👉 You will be able introduce yourself and others, as well as ask and answer personal questions.

👉 You will be able interact in a simple conversation with a slow-speaking conversation partner.

👉 You will learn how to order food in a restaurant, ask for the price, make an appointment, ask about the time of arrival of the bus and buy tickets for a concert.

How much are you investing in the course?


Cześć! Hi, I am Magda and I am a professional teacher with 7 years of experience in teaching Polish as a foreign language. I create my own materials for learning Polish, which I use both in group and individual lessons.

I am an author of…

Privately, I am a mother of a four-year-old boy and a wife. I live in the south of Poland, close to the border with the Czech Republic. I do yoga, ride a bike, and ski in winter. I’m learning French and Spanish. I love to travel and my last long trip was to Australia, from where I gave lessons for my students for 3 months.


The course has been tested by a group of students chose by me on Facebook groups dedicated to learners of Polish. This is what they said after the course

Ricardo from Peru

Daria from Ukraine

Erin from the US


What do I get with the course?

As a My Polish Crash Course student you will get the access to 24 online lessons with interactive slides, audio tutoring and my explanations. In order to get the access to all interactive exercises you need All materials are uniquely created by me to align with CEFR standards.

What is the CEFR?

It’s common to think of language levels as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, but this is often too broad. At My Polish, we use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
It’s an internationally recognized standard that describes your learning progress in more detail. In simpler terms, the framework helps you to explain your level from Total Beginner (Pre A1 Starters) to Proficient (C2). The CEFR levels build on each other all the way up to native-level fluency.


My Polish Crash Course it’s a course for total beginners (Pre A1 Starters) who start from scratch. In 3 months you’ll learn all the most important things to be able to:

  • understand and use familiar everyday expressions.
  • introduceyourself and others, as well as ask and answer personal questions.
  • interactin a simple conversation with a slow-speaking conversation partner


What software & hardware do I need?

Preparing to learn with me is simple. You need two things: a stable internet connection, a computer and some loud speakers or headphones to hear me. If you buy the Premium version of the course it would be good to have a camera too so we can see each other during our live sessions.

How long will it take to improve my language skills?

It depends. As is the case when learning any new skill, your progress depends on your efforts. If you would like to learn quickly, then I suggest that you make language learning a consistent habit and do all the exercises I prepared for you. You will also learn even more with the Premium plan because you will have stronger motivation to be prepared for our live lessons and you will also revise more. During our live meetings you’ll also practise your pronounciation because a professional teacher can correct your mistakes. If you keep going with the course, do all the exercises and finish it in more or less 3 months and you will get all the skills needed to:

  • understand and use familiar everyday expressions.
  • introduceyourself and others, as well as ask and answer personal questions.
  • interactin a simple conversation with a slow-speaking conversation partner

How long does the course last?

The course lasts 3 months/16 weeks. Every week, 2 lessons are  going to be released. You can do the lessons whenever you want but please remember that in order to complete the course succesfully I recommend learning on a regular basis. Otherwise, you will have backlog and lots of material to do after some time and you might get unmotivated. To help you keep going you have a regular contact with me for 3 months after the start date of the course. During tis time I check your writing exercises once a week and send you my feedback.  I also can check your pronounciation if you send a recording to me. Please remember that I only check your exercises in the first 3 months after the start date of the course. You are going to have access to the materials for 12 months after the start date so you can also do the exercises later but remember that after 3 months I won’t correct your writing or pronounciation. I hope this rule will be motivating for you.  I also organise revision sessions live twice a month in the premium version soi f you learn on a regular basis you can revise with me what you’ve learnt.