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⇨ Short video lessons on each letter of the Polish alphabet, including digraphs such as “sz,” “cz,” “dź,” and the trigraph “dzi.”

⇨ Learn how to pronounce each letter and hear them in words.

⇨ Develop the ability to distinguish sounds and read many Polish words, and even sentences.

⇨ Practice listening skills with interactive exercises. 


Magda Trawińska

Key Info about the Course

➡️ Suitable for all learners of Polish as a foreign language (from A0 to even B2 level)
➡️ Videos, PDFs and lots of interactive exercises
➡️ Improves listening and pronunciation skills
➡️  Different course versions based on your learning needs.

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💻 Learn correct Polish pronunciation, regardless of your current level.
Avoid common pronunciation mistakes made by foreign learners.
Engage in interactive exercises to reinforce your learning.
Gain confidence in your spoken Polish.
Receive personalized feedback and guidance from a professional instructor                   (PRO and VIP version).

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About the Instructors

Magda Trawińska-Krawiec – Professional Polish Language Teacher

With 10 years of experience in teaching Polish as a foreign language, I have helped numerous students achieve their language goals.

I care about correct pronunciation as I believe it helps you to master your listening and speaking skills so much easier.  I have a deep understanding of the pronunciation challenges faced by learners.

I am dedicated to providing clear explanations and effective strategies to help you master Polish pronunciation.

I love gamification – it means, I believe that  even if you learn such a thing as pronunciation you can still have lots of fun and improve your skills by doing very engaging and enjoyable interactive exercises.

Barbara Protasiewicz

Basia – Polish Language Teacher and Speech Therapy Student.

Basia is a passionate Polish language teacher and a final-year student of speech therapy.

Her background in speech therapy gives her unique insights into the intricacies of Polish pronunciation.

Basia’s expertise lies in helping learners develop correct articulation and overcome specific pronunciation difficulties.

She will conduct webinars as part of the VIP course, where you will receive personalized guidance and practice Polish sounds with her.

Together, we are committed to ensuring that you receive the highest quality instruction and achieve your pronunciation goals in Polish.

Enroll in our course and benefit from our expertise and personalized support as we guide you towards achieving accurate and confident Polish pronunciation.