„Set a course for Polish” a Polish language course for total beginners (PREMIUM)


“Set a course for Polish” is an innovative method of learning that combines work at your own pace with lessons with a professional teacher.

Join the self-study mini-course for total beginners and by taking 8 fun and interactive lessons get the basics of the Polish langiuage just in a month.

Premium version contains a Polish teacher’s help and fedback.



Introducing “Set a course for Polish” mini-course for total beginners- likely the first of its kind on the market! With this course, you have the freedom to learn at your own pace and complete the materials whenever it’s most convenient for you.

The course is divided into 8 self-study modules, each with a clear and structured approach to learning Polish. You will also receive a short alphabet and pronunciation course for free, which will help you get started on your language journey.

I believe in providing personalized support to my students, which is why I offer constant contact with an experienced language instructor through a Google Classroom group. You can ask questions and get real-time feedback to enhance your learning experience.

To complete the course, you will need approximately 10-15 hours of work, and you’ll be creating your first sentences in Polish within a month! Start your language-learning journey with me today.

👉 8 interactive presentations full of exercises,

👉 a pronunciation course (how to pronounce all the Polish sounds),

👉 access to our private Google Classroom group in which you can ask any question about the Polish language and you’ll get an answer from a teacher,

👉 grammar tables in PDF,

👉BONUS: the future next 8 chapters of the course available in July 2023

👉 PREMIUM BONUS: written assignments and pronunciation checked by Magda from mypolishcourse.com


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